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For a glorious four days in April, two TV shows with madly devoted fan bases, yet divergent styles, will overlap: Mad Men, whose seventh season (part one) returns April 13, and Scandal, whose third season finale airs on April 17. In honor of that television eclipse, here's a definitive guide to the eight (eight!) actors who have appeared in both series, and how the characters they played on both shows stack up against each other. It's pretty bizarre to imagine the Mad Men and Scandal universes colliding, but who knows: Maybe the casting directors have a drinking game for every time yet another Mad Men alum ends up in Olivia Pope's office. (Defiance-sized spoiler alert for all seasons of Scandal and up until the fifth season of Mad Men.)

1. Darby Stanchfield plays Helen Bishop on 'Mad Men' and Abby Whelan on 'Scandal.'

Known for:
As Helen on Mad Men: Going on long walks. (Those walks! Where is she going!?) Using Christmas wrapping paper for Sally Draper’s birthday (horrible). Being the single mother in her Ossining neighborhood.
As Abby on Scandal: Asking attorney boyfriends to aid and abet.

Power quote:
As Helen on Mad Men: "The hardest part is realizing you're in charge." (On divorce and single motherhood.)
As Abby on Scandal: "I'm not deranged. I'm just divorced."

As Helen on Mad Men: Betty Draper's odd relationship with her son Glen. 
As Abby on Scandal: Abusive men.

2. Melinda McGraw plays Bobbie Barrett on 'Mad Men' and Debora Clarkson on 'Scandal.'

Known for:
As Bobbie on Mad Men: Managing her husband's professional life. Having her private parts held hostage in Lutece.
As Debora on Scandal: Being the fourth ex-wife of Texan energy lobbyist Hollis "Crazy Southern Caricature" Doyle.

Power quote:
As Bobbie on Mad Men: "And no one will tell you this, but you can't be a man. Don't even try. Be a woman. It's powerful business when done correctly." (To Peggy "Pegasus" Olson.)
As Debora on Scandal: "You just killed our daughter. Are you happy? You just killed our baby!"

As Bobbie on Mad Men: The "Don Draper Treatment."
As Debora on Scandal: Her daughter's bloody ear arriving in the mail.

3. Patrick Fischler plays Jimmy Barrett on 'Mad Men' and Artie Hornbacher on 'Scandal'

Known for:
As Jimmy on Mad Men: Starring in that one Utz commercial: "Take it from a nut, Utz are better than nuts!"
As Artie on Scandal: Pulling one over on Olivia and her team and getting them to crack NSA surveillance program Thorngate so he can sell it to the highest bidder.

Power quote:
As Jimmy on Mad Men: "You know what I like about you? Nothing." (To Don Draper.)
As Artie on Scandal: "It blows 'We The People' to pieces. It removes the stars and stripes on the flag." (On Thorngate.)

As Jimmy on Mad Men: Betty DraperA man who steps out with another man's wife.
As Artie on Scandal: Milk, grass, strawberries, honey, vaccines and tranquilizers.

4. Sam Page plays Greg Harris on 'Mad Men' and Will Caldwell on 'Scandal.'

Known for:
As Greg on Mad Men: Being the first and worst husband of Joan Harris (nee Holloway) and a rapist. More on partner rape here.
As Will on Scandal: Running for governor of North Carolina as a single man. Being a Caldwell. (They "lie first, breed second.")

Power quote:
As Greg on Mad Men: The ridiculous donkey joke. Mostly because it made Joan stop crying.
As Will on Scandal: "You deny it. You pretend it’s not happening … and the next thing you know you're having sex in the coat closet at your brother's engagement dinner."

As Greg on Mad Men: His immense insecurity and his hands. (He has no brains in his fingers!) 
As Will on Scandal: His brother's wife, Marion.

5. Mark Moses plays Herman 'Duck' Phillips on 'Mad Men' and Congressman Jim Struthers on 'Scandal.'

Known for:
As Duck on Mad Men: Masterminding the Sterling Cooper merger with Putnam, Powell and Lowe. Trying to use Roger Sterling's chair as a toilet during a bender. Abandoning his beloved dog Chauncey.
As Jim on Scandal: Having a suicide bomber hold him hostage in his office.

Power quote:
As Duck on Mad Men: "Come on, creative. Be creative."
As Jim on Scandal: "As a member of Congress, it can take me days, if not weeks to get a file that I ask for. You're making way more progress than I usually do, that's for sure." (To the suicide bomber asking for her son’s CIA file be declassified.)

As Duck on Mad Men: Peggy Olson. Alcohol.
As Jim on Scandal: Dynamite.

6. Chelcie Ross plays Conrad 'Connie' Hilton on 'Mad Men' and Harold Pierce, Sr. on 'Scandal.'

Known for:
As Connie on Mad Men: Being the head of a multibillion-dollar business empire.
As Harold on Scandal: Being the head of a multibillion-dollar business empire.

Power quote:
As Connie on Mad Men: "What do you want from me? Love? Your work is good. But when I say I want the moon, I expect the moon." 
As Harold on Scandal: "No because I love you, you idiot. I don’t want you to end up like me. I don't want you to spend your life — to waste your life — building a pile of money because it's not worth it. Believe me." (On why he won't let his son take over the family company.)

As Connie on Mad Men: His business, his family, his faith.
As Harold on Scandal: His family and his new wife, who's young enough to be his great-granddaughter.

7. Darren Pettie plays Lee Garner, Jr. on 'Mad Men' and Andrew Mackelson on 'Scandal'

Known for:
As Lee on Mad Men: Being the son of the owner of Lucky Strike, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's biggest client.
As Andrew on Scandal: Husband of Lori Mackelson, who was the pilot of a plane that crashed, killing dozens on board, including a U.S. senator.

Power quote:
As Lee on Mad Men: "Put it on."
As Andrew on Scandal: "My wife is dead. 120 people are dead. Who's to blame for that?"

As Lee on Mad Men: Sal Romano.
As Andrew on Scandal: His wife's reputation, as a 20-year sober alcoholic, being smeared to cover up bureaucratic incompetence.

8. Audrey Wasilewski plays Anita Olson Respola on 'Mad Men' and Alison Becker on 'Scandal.'

Known for:
As Anita on Mad Men: Being Peggy Olson's big sister. Telling Father Gill that Peggy had a baby out of wedlock and that she hates her sister.
As Alison on Scandal: Being the spokesperson for Maryland Governor Reston.

Power quote:
As Anita on Mad Men: "What about me, Father? My troubles? What about me being good? For what?"
As Alison on Scandal: "Why is she here? We don't need her. And after all the dirty tricks she pulled during the election, we sure as hell can't trust her." (On Olivia Pope.)

As Anita on Mad Men: Tension in the family.
As Alison on Scandal: Olivia Pope commandeering Gov. Reston's public image after he shot his wife's "rapist" at a press conference.