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Now that the New York Times agrees, it's official: We're living in a golden age of TV. The small screen now boasts more than a few movie stars and top-line directors, and it feels like every episode of every show is like a major motion picture experience.

Unfortunately an abundance of great shows doesn't mean the world will stop to give us time to watch them. We have to filter our intake (i.e., go on a binge-watching diet) but even then it's impossible to narrow our selection.

So we decided, like enlightened humanity before us, to turn to science.

Here are the three shows every kind of personality should be watching based on the (sort of) infallible Myers-Briggs personality test. If you haven't already, take the test, find your shows and let the binging commence:


Via: AMC
Via: AMC

Drama: Breaking Bad
You believe in laws and traditions, which is exactly why Walter White's complicated moral quandaries are sure to rock your world.

Comedy: Louie
Both you and Louis C.K. are dedicated to fulfilling your duties but have to deal with social awkwardness getting in the way. Good thing tragedy becomes comedy when it happens to somebody else.

Guilty Pleasure: Pawn Stars
You like your guilty pleasures practical, and this one's just as much a learning experience as it is a reality show.


Via: HBO
Via: HBO

Drama: True Detective
You're simultaneously intuitive and people-driven, which is why you'll love the year's best-cast, most provocative mystery series. And while your friends spend hours combing Reddit for theories, you'll sit back and trust your gut.

Comedy: New Girl
Much like Jess, you thrive when talking care of others. Roommates, kindergarteners, same difference.

Guilty Pleasure: Real Housewives
You trust your instincts above all, and for better or for worse, so do these women. If your intuition allows you to anticipate the table-flippings, it means you truly have a gift.


Via: SHOtime
Via: SHOtime

Drama: Dexter
You can identify with the protagonist (because you hold other people to high moral standards and have trouble expressing your feelings — definitely not because you're a murderer).

Comedy: Community
You like your comedy like your life: without the dark, bitter aftertaste. Community caters to that, blending humor with warm, sunny character relationships, not to mention a little introspection. It's more up your alley than the black comedies of Adult Swim.

Guilty Pleasure: House Hunters
You have a great sense of space, and thus can appreciate when super-rich people go mansion-shopping.


Via: Netflix
Via: Netflix

Drama: House of Cards
You're a driven natural leader and thus need a protagonist who keeps his eyes on the prize. You'll also appreciate Frank Underwood's video game habit, since you tend to develop mindless ones of your own.

Comedy: How I Met Your Mother
You're a long-term thinker, so your comedy has to have a plot line. Come for the suspense about who Ted will marry, stay for the thought-provoking dialogue and character interplay!

Guilty Pleasure: Pretty Little Liars
You're quick to judge, and you're usually not the most lovey-dovey person in the room. This devilish cast of characters is your meaningless-TV-show match. 


Via: CBS
Via: CBS

Drama: The Good Wife
You'll resonate with Alicia Flores: she's fiercely independent, smart and protective of those she loves. And, for a committed thinker like you, this isn't the type of drama that lets you check your brain at the door.

Comedy: Archer
Since you like your laughs with a side of adventure, ISIS is where you want to be. It'll keep you hooked, despite the fact that the team's computer password is "guest."

Guilty Pleasure: Millionaire Matchmaker
You're action-oriented and like to tie up lose ends, so what better way to relax than with a show that does just that? You're a risk taker, so this should provide some low-cost wish fulfillment.


Via: HBO
Via: HBO

Drama: Battlestar Gallactica
It's an oldie but a definite goodie that fits your personality like an astronaut's glove. You don't like making decisions based purely on logic, and you'll love the way this sci-fi classic tests your ethics.

Comedy: Girls
Aesthetics matter to you, and Girls happens to be one of the most beautiful comedies on TV. (You'll also like how it relates to your "me-me-me" impulses, but that's beside the point.)

Guilty Pleasure: RuPaul's Drag Race
Not only will you admire the ferocity of the contestants, but you'll also love studying the intricacies of their makeup. 


Via: HBO
Via: HBO

Drama: The Americans
You don't love conflict, so your preferred drama takes place during the war with the least of it (the Cold War). And since this period piece features the anti-heroes of all anti-heroes, it'll test your ability to trust your gut.

Comedy: Curb Your Enthusiasm
You're well-intentioned but tend to overlook the mundane details of life. Sympathize with Larry David: He does the same thing, and can always use more sympathy.

Guilty Pleasure: Dancing With The Stars
Perfectionists like you will take any opportunity to critique from the sidelines. You're not great with personal judgment, but impersonal? Aw, yeah.


Via: SHOtime
Via: SHOtime

Drama: Homeland
You're always generating crazy theories. So is Carrie Mathison. 

Comedy: Veep
You prefer not to lead. So does Selina Meyer. 

Guilty Pleasure: Man vs. Wild
You thrive when you're alone. So does Bear Grylls. (Just don't drink your own pee unless you really, really have to.)


Via: HBO
Via: HBO

Drama: The Sopranos
You're deserving of a deep cut like this drama because you're a straightforward risk-taker who gets things done. If that doesn't scream mafia, what does? Probably someone yelling, "Mafia!" as Tony Soprano approaches them.

Comedy: Workaholics
You don't like to be confined by your job and have a tendency to throw yourself into things. And you probably hate your uptight boss-lady, but that trait's pretty universal.

Guilty Pleasure: Shark Tank
You're great at getting things started and have all the makings of a great salesperson yourself. Is it still a guilty pleasure if you can apply it to your professional life? Only if you work at yet another start-up that involves cupcakes.

10. ESFP

Via: ABC
Via: ABC

Drama: Scandal
You live in the moment and don't like long-winded theories, so you can handle a fast-paced drama, the action of which is often based on questionable logic. You and the Gladiators share the same outlook: Whatever the problem is, ain't nobody got time for that.

Comedy: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Sometimes you just want to laugh without thinking, and you can count on Fallon to give it to you. You're a performer yourself, so you may even learn a thing or two.

Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor/The Bachelorette
You're not overly sentimental, but sometimes your emotions will turn you into putty. But be sure to tune into this show on those nights. You're a smart cookie, and the dull conversation could easily infuriate you.

11. ENFP

Via: NBC
Via: NBC

Drama: The Wire
You're the type to go through several different careers in your lifetime, and each season of The Wire gives you a new project to work on. And since you sometimes make errors in judgement, you should heed Omar's advice: "A man must have a code."

Comedy: Parks and Recreation
You and Leslie Knope are one and the same. You'll see yourself in her enthusiasm, devotion to her cause and love of waffles. (Trust us, it's science.)

Guilty Pleasure: Revenge
You're a master manipulator? There's a show for that. And it's highly addicting, which you may or may not love but to which you definitely will respond.

12. ENTP

Via: NBC
Via: NBC

Drama: The Newsroom
You're a fast-talker with a smart mind, so who better to write your dialogue than Aaron Sorkin? It takes a certain type to keep up with his pacing, and you're that type.

Comedy: 30 Rock
You like comedy that can keep up, and 30 Rock jokes come at a mile a minute. Bonus: Watch it with friends — as you loudly note the countless culture references, you'll feel as famous as Miss Jenna Maroney.

Guilty Pleasure: Judge Judy
Don't be ashamed! You love to argue, and Judy hits on your quick wit. Besides, after getting super smart 30 Rock for your comedy, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

13. ESTJ

Via: HBO
Via: HBO

Drama: Game Of Thrones
You're a natural leader who tends to take charge. That means you can be trusted to play games with high stakes — games where either you win or you die.

Comedy: Modern Family
You feel a strong need to belong to something, whether that something is a community, a social group or a highly dysfunctional family.

Guilty Pleasure: Law & Order: SVU
You're all about pursuing order and ethics. And besides, there's pretty much only one guilty pleasure that doesn't involve flipping over tables in fits of rage. 

14. ESFJ

Via: NBC
Via: NBC

Drama: Friday Night Lights
You're a team player, so it makes sense your favorite type of drama comes from sports. But teamwork happens both on and off the field, hence the family focus. Yeehaw! (Texas forever!)

Comedy: Glee
You're focused on your social status and are also an approval-seeker. Sounds like high school, doesn't it? You may not feel like reliving those years, but you'd be surprised by how much more fun it is when everyone is bursting into song.

Guilty Pleasure: Intervention
You love to solve other people's problems. But why have a heartfelt conversation with a friend when you can watch someone go to rehab and really get things sorted?

15. ENFJ

Via: AMC
Via: AMC

Drama: Mad Men
You're a convincing salesperson and a mesmerizing speaker, also known as Don Draper. Marathon this baby, and watch yourself kick some ass.

Comedy: Hello Ladies
You have a strong need for close, intimate relationships, so take a break and watch someone else strive for them. At the very least, it'll teach you what not to do.

Guilty Pleasure: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
You're altruistic, and your trash TV should be too. 

16. ENTJ

Via: Netflix
Via: Netflix

Drama: Orange Is The New Black
You're fascinated by people, so you'll love the eclectic mix of crazy inmates. You're also a born leader, so you'll love analyzing the styles of Red and Miss Claudette. Just don't follow anyone's influence too closely — wouldn't want to wind up in prison.

Comedy: The Mindy Project
You're a career-driven, decisive leader, hence you can relate to the misadventures of other career-driven, decisive leaders. Especially ones as charming as Mindy Lahiri.

Guilty Pleasure: Reign
You're so focused on getting ahead that sometimes it can be fun to watch other people fight over the throne. After a few episodes of this, you'll be thinking Gossip Girl had so little at stake.