11 Beautiful Works of Art That Perfectly Express What Feminists Are Thinking

Mo Makes Things

In the age of the 140-character tweet and the ephemeral hashtag, it can be easy to forget the lasting artifacts that have made up feminist culture. A Tumblr called "Mo Makes Things" is determined to keep unhurried art alive in the digital era. The creator of the blog, Mo Morgan, alternates between different kinds of crafts forms, but her most attention-grabbing pieces have been her feminist embroidery. 

According to the Huffington Post, the artist took on this project to explore her own personal pain as a feminist. 

"I wanted to create something pretty but was bogged down with a lot of personal negativity," Morgan told the Huffington Post in an email. "Hoop embroidery was and is an excellent outlet for fulfilling my need to make pretty little things, while also releasing my frustrations and anxiety." The popularity of her art and her blog brought her a lot of personal fulfillment. "It's nice knowing that others can relate, like unity through pain."

Turning draining negative experiences into strength and hope is what defines feminism at its core. "So long as we all feel pain — be it due to a shitty day at work or a shitty day at work due to systematic oppression — we are all humans and deserve to be treated as such," Morgan argues. "But, then again, these are just my feelings. More grumpy, frustrated feelings to get off my chest and decorate with little flowers."

Being an activist can be difficult. Some days, it might seem impossible. Morgan's craft speaks to that frustration and turns it into a beautiful act of resistance. Take a look at a small sample of her handicraft and check out her Tumblr for more examples of her intersectional artistry.












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