19 Photos That Show Just How Beautiful Ramadan Is Around the World

19 Photos That Show Just How Beautiful Ramadan Is Around the World

We're in the middle of Ramadan, a month where over 1 billion Muslims around the world abstain from food and drink during daylight hours.

Think of Ramadan, and you'll most likely associate it with hunger, particularly this year, since it is taking place during the summer, which means a long, sometimes grueling fast. 

But it's a time period that's about far more than fasting. Even for the non-religious, it offers an opportunity to celebrate what we love most about holidays: togetherness and traditions. 

With Islam being practiced in many countries across the world, different countries put their own spin on the holiday and make up for daytime hunger with special sweets and beautiful displays. Ramadan also means a time for charity, and in many countries, members of Muslim communities go above and beyond to make sure that nobody goes hungry.

From thousands of people coming together to break their fast in Istanbul's Taksim Square, to a simple dinner at a mosque in New York City, Ramadan is truly an international and beautiful holiday. 

Here are 19 photos that show what Ramadan really looks like:

1. Istanbul, Turkey


2. Beijing, China

3. Karachi, Pakistan

4. Berlin, Germany


5. Jabalia Refugee Camp, Gaza


6. Tehran, Iran

7. Sarajevo, Bosnia


8. Lagos, Nigeria

9. Nablus, West Bank

10. Tehran, Iran


11. Istanbul, Turkey


12. Jakarta, Indonesia


13. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


14. Sanaa, Yemen


15. Herat, Afghanistan


16. Allahabad, India


17. Karachi, Pakistan


18. Beirut, Lebanon


19. Washington, D.C.