This Video Shows Why 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Could Be the Most Exciting Action Movie Of the Year

This Video Shows Why 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Could Be the Most Exciting Action Movie Of the Year

Marvel's choice to make Guardians of the Galaxy into a film may seem baffling, but the movie has the potential to be the most exciting sci-fi action film of the year — that is, if the teasers are anything to go by. 

If Guardians of the Galaxy feels like an unusual choice for a summer Marvel movie, that's because it is. It's hardly Marvel's best-loved property, even among comic book fans. But Marvel is banking on their ability to turn secondary titles into Batman-sized big hitters, just as it did with Iron Man and Thor. With its strange cast of bandits for leads, it also won't be a movie full of virtuous, dutiful heroics. This is a superhero movie with a skewed moral compass and a cast of demi-human weirdos. And it has the potential to win big.

On Sunday, the studio released a five-minute look at Guardians of the Galaxy, giving audiences a longer look at the oddball adaptation. These five minutes immediately show that it not only has an all-star cast of notable talent, but it also sports some of the quickest, sharpest dialogue since The Avengers. Marvel's gamble could yield Thor-like success.

Guardians of the Galaxy stars a buffed-up Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation) as Peter Quill, a sardonic treasure hunter who forms a ragtag team with his fellow prison inmates after he's caught trying to steal a powerful artifact. Only problem is, his new allies were his rivals just a short while before, leading to an uneasy truce as they try and evade the evil Ronan.

Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser. Image Credit: Marvel

The movie's ensemble also includes Zoe Saldana as green-skinned assassin Gamora, Dave Bautista as the warrior Drax, Vin Diesel as the oaken humanoid Groot and Bradley Cooper voicing the foul-mouthed Rocket Racoon. The cast also includes Karen Gillan, Glenn Close, Peter Serafinowicz and John C. Reilly. 

If the rest of the movie keeps up the teaser's quick-paced mix of hilarity and action, then this may be one of 2014's highlights in any genre.

Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in cinemas Aug. 1.