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Democrat John Dingell is a U.S. congressman, representing Michigan's 12th district. He has been in the House of Representatives for six decades, and he wielded significant power in the House as the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee before losing his chairmanship in 2008.

He is also brilliant at Twitter.

Yes, it's a minor accolade, but an important one. Despite the obsession with Twitter among Washington's political elite, elected representatives (and parties) seem to be disastrously  bad at it. But Dingell, somehow, seems to get it.

Here's all the proof you need, in a response to a spammy Kardashian auto-tweet from some poor EPA communications staffer on an official agency account:

This isn't even Dingell's best: Consider his timely channeling of LeBron James when announcing his return to Michigan over the weekend:

Or this bad boy:

John Dingell, you are a national treasure. 

Then, of course, there's Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley

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