13 Photos That Show a Side to Sudan You Rarely See in the Media

Wikimedia Commons

People with no ties to Sudan might only associated it with strife. Headlines seem only to scream about conflict, poverty and environmental issues.

While these serious issues cannot and should not be ignored, that narrative still presents us with a one-dimensional impression of reality on the ground for Sudanese people.

Image Credit: Getty Images. A shop owner in Omdurman.

For some, Sudan is about stories of the ancient kingdoms of Kush and Nubia, with archaeology that continues to be unearthed today; untouched natural beauty, its slowly growing tourism sector and the stories of its people, their Arab-African culture and cherished traditions.

Here are some images of Sudan that show you a side that you don't usually see in the headlines: 

1. Al-Fateh tower in downtown Khartoum

2. Ancient city of Meroë

3. St. Matthew's Catholic Cathedral, near Khartoum

4. Al-Kuru archaeological site near Khartoum

5. Pyramid in the Meroe Desert, north of Khartoum

6. Sudan's White Nile

7. A jewelry shop's window display in Khartoum

8. People at a clothes market in Omdurman

9. Town of Karima, flanked by Jebel Barkal, a mountain once considered sacred ground by the ancient Egyptians

10. The Western Deffufa, an ancient temple in Kerma

11. Begrawiya Pyramids

12. A barge on the Nile

13. Khartoum's Great Mosque