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The Ice Bucket Challenge craze has attained perhaps the most coveted prize of all: a Halloween costume. 

The costume comes courtesy of Brands On Sale, and is fitted with a "white tulle tunic with faux ice cubes" and a bucket with "faux water film." Available for $39.99, it comes with a fairly serious description: "ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease is a serious illness that destroys nervous cells and lives. The Ice Bucket Challenge is the latest craze in 'slacktivism' that helps raise awareness and donations to fund research in the ongoing struggle to end this terrible disease." Heavy stuff for a soon-to-be outdated Halloween costume.

It was first brought to our attention by Wall Street Journal reporter Steven Perlberg. His comment pretty much says it all: 

The bizarre costume is the latest entry in the whirlwind history of the ice bucket challenge, which has swept through Facebook feeds with a fervor not seen since #KONY2012TIME reports that Facebook users have posted more than 2.4 million unique videos related to the Ice Bucket Challenge so far.

But while the viral sensation is hot right now, will it last until the chilly days of October? That remains to be seen. 

h/t Steven Perlberg via Twitter