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The world was appalled by the beheading of James Foley, an American photojournalist missing in Syria since 2012, by the Islamic State. But thanks to the efforts of a fellow hostage, the bloody video of Foley's death won't be the world's last memory of the journalist.

On Sunday, the Facebook page Free James Foley — started by family and friends following his disappearence in Syria — posted a final letter from the journalist. Given that Foley's final message to the world was a pre-read IS rant he was forced to deliver at knifepoint, this message may come as some comfort to his family and friends.

"All letters Jim wrote to his family during his captivity were confiscated by the jailers," the admins explain. "So, Jim devised a better approach this last June: he asked a fellow hostage about to be released to commit a letter to memory." The hostage — likely Peter Theo Curtis, released on Sunday afternoon thanks to Qatari mediation — delivered Foley's letter to his parents:

We're not sure if this is Foley's last communication to his parents: his captors kept Foley mobile to avoid rescue attempts by the U.S., and the circumstances of his captivity and execution still remain unclear.