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On Sunday, dads across America will celebrate Father's Day, the annual holiday celebrating the 70.1 million fathers across the country. An estimated 94 million Father's Day cards will be exchanged this year , and consumers will spend an estimated $12.7 billion on cards and gifts (see Father's Day by the numbers here). 

But, more than anything, Father's Day is all about spending time with family and appreciating your dad. In honor of fathers across the world, here are 11 children's thoughts the on the real-life lessons they've learned from their dad"

“My father taught me how to skip rocks, how to climb mountains, and how to love adventure.” (Chamonix, 19)

“My father taught me an incredible amount not through example, but through counter-example. I have learned how important it is to put one's family and happiness above financial success and social status.” (Danielle, 19)

"Once when I stung my lips with Tabasco sauce, he gave me a bowl of ice cream. But I ate it and it didn’t help, so he said: 'Don't eat the ice cream, kiss the ice cream.'" (Pamela, 19)

“He taught me what unconditional love from a father for a son means: His love was being there for me all the time and being my companion. We built things together and he let me help him sometimes with building other things, which made me feel important and part of something with him.” (Matteo, 42)

"When I told my father that I had been accepted to Yale, I expected him to offer me congratulations. Instead he gave me a lesson in humility and Irish humor, 'Now, now Catalina, don't get too excited. They have to accept some idiots so the rest of the kids feel smarter.'" (Catalina, 19)

“My father taught me that the American judicial system is deeply flawed, and that in the grand scheme of things 'children' - people under the age of 18 - have little power over their lives." (Raffi, 17)

“My dad sent me this in an email a couple of months ago when everything just seemed to go horribly wrong: 'A life's journey is full of bumps. How you deal with these frustrations and rise from these setbacks has more of an impact on your character and the quality of your life. It's spring time - spring forward and rebuild your life.'” (Andrew, 20)

“My father taught me how to cook.” (Wells, 20)

“My father went from being a farm boy in the middle-of-nowhere in China to a professor at a top American university. He taught me that 'I can't do it' is just an excuse.” (Mendy, 19)

"My Dad has always done things the hard way. Whether because of necessity or principle, he paid his way through college, got his jobs by merit, and put in the extra hours needed to climb the ladder. Watching him do this has reinstalled and ingrained my belief in, and dedication to, the meritocracy of America many people doubt." (Kirsten, 19)

“The most important lesson my father taught me was to have a healthy body. Without a healthy strong body, everything else is impossible or difficult. So, treat your body like a temple and do everything in moderation. After the healthy body, one has to develop a healthy mind by exercising the mind by reading, learning, and relearning.” (Ken, 55)