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According to some, Ron Paul's radical online supporters need to be "tracked down" and "forced to use their real names and e-mail addresses." These cruel keyboard bullies are inflicting intense and irreversible psychological damage upon anyone who opposes their politician of choice. They must be stopped!

Sure, Ron Paul supporters have been accused of being enthusiastic, informed, and sometimes overly zealous when competing in the intellectual battle field. Certainly there have been times when a supporter of Ron Paul offended someone in an online forum or on Facebook. The same is true for Obama supporters, Bush supporters, and anyone who defends their particular ideology. The aggressive, determined nature of Paul supporters does not stem from their desire to inflict harm on others, but from their desire to restore liberty to this country. 

The majority of Paul supporters do not condone coercion in anyway. The Golden Rule, while it may get booed at Republican debates, is something most Paul fans adhere to. An important axiom in the libertarian ideology, the non-aggression principle, argues against the threat or use of force against another individual and their property. Paul supporters may be aggressive in their defense of their ideas, but we do not advocate the use of violence to force these ideas on anyone. 

Ron Paul supporters are engaged in an uphill struggle against statism. It is our job to argue the case for sound money, free markets, property rights, civil liberties, and peace — concepts that would bring about much more prosperity than any government subsidy or other "philanthropic" state
interventions could ever imagine.

Even offline, Ron Paul supporters are being portrayed as fight-seeking political activists. Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum recently said that Paul supporters are looking for a platform fight at the RNC convention in Tampa, Fla. Even the FBI issued a statement suggesting those who believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard are "extremists." And a Missouri Information Analysis Center report lists Ron Paul supporters among those who may be a part of an extremist militia movement.

Once again, to be clear, Ron Paul supporters advocate non-violent civil disobedience both online and offline.