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The entire technology journalism world blew its collective wad on Twitter over Apple's brand-new smart watch, the aptly named Apple Watch, following Apple CEO Tim Cook's much-awaited reveal Tuesday. Now that everyone's calmed down a bit, the skepticism is starting to bubble up.

"There's a lot to like here, a lot of interesting ideas," wrote Verge's Dieter Bohn, "But there's nothing so immediately striking about the Apple Watch as to seem really, truly groundbreaking

"We still don't know a great deal about the Apple Watch, and won't for months yet," wrote veteran tech writer Rich Jaroslovsky. "But yeah, I want to play with it. And that says a lot right there.

Leave it to comedian Jack Douglass to perfectly sum up what everyone's thinking  

Source: YouTube

Why's everyone so underwhelmed? Despite Cook's claim that the company didn't want to "just shrink the iPhone and strap it to the wrist," that's basically what the company did.

Sorry Apple, but I'm sticking with this bad boy. 

Source: AP
Source: AP