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The Apple Watch is a high-tech timepiece and the company's first major foray into wearable technology. Dr. Ruth Westheimer is an American sex therapist and national treasure.

Here's what happens when the two meet:

You think she's joking, but she's not. People can't seem to put their gadgets down during intimate moments.


 - A July 2013 survey of British women found that that 62% of women have interrupted sexual intercourse to check their cell phone. Some 48% of men admitted to doing the same.

 - A March 2014 survey by condom maker Durex found that 15% of those surveyed "would answer the phone or read a text while otherwise engaged in a sexual act."

 - The same Durex survey found that 5% of British respondents admitted to browsing Facebook while having sex.

If people can't stop reaching for their phones during what's supposed to be a moment of physical intimacy, having a shiny new gizmo strapped to your wrist is going to make multitasking easier than ever. So don't listen to Gizmodo, and leave your Apple Watch on your bedside table.