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Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

You've probably heard of a big group jam resulting in a new song, but this is taking things to the next level. 

YouTube user Kutiman composed (if you can call it that) a song called "Give It Up" by splicing together edited clips of 23 different Youtube clips, almost all of which are amateur musicians playing single tracks on their respective YouTube videos. 

It's kind of amazing.

Source: YouTube

According to the video's description, "Give It Up," includes tracks of vocals, piano, bass, electric guitar, several drum tracks, strings, horns and two cellos, among others. Considering how much is going on, the song is actually quite successful and cohesive — if you didn't know this was all edited together, or weren't watching the actual clip, you might just think this was a band's new song. 

Kutiman posted similar work several years ago, but this new track is the first in what appears to be a project titled "Thru You Too," which Kutiman described on his website as "A music album composed of unrelated Youtube videos."

So pick up that guitar or bass, sit down at your piano or drum kit or just have fun making some weird noises — you never know if it could become a part of the next YouTube hit. 

Matt Essert
News Director
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