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This week is starting off with a bang.

Take a peek at the top five videos of the day from every corner of the web. 

1)  Shia LaBeouf Goes Buff 

Proving, yet again, that he's not a Disney Channel kid anymore, Shia LaBeouf went full frontal in artist Sigur Rós's newly released music video "Fjögur Píanó." 

2) 'Breaking Bad' Already Buzzing 

The season premiere is still a month away, but the Internet is already humming with news for the season five gossip. The best 'Breaking Bad' buzz came from this fan video which gets us fully up-to-speed on the series in under nine minutes. 

3) Harry Potter on Water

Some wild person figured out how to play the Harry Potter theme song with water glasses ... and it's awesome. 

4) Katy Perry Goes Fairy Tale Goth

Katy Perry released her new video for the song ‘Wide Awake’. In typical Katy fashion she manages to sneak in a mini moment of light shooting from her breasts in the midst of this trippy fairy-tale-esque video. The video is available here.   

5) Woody Allen's Family Feud 

Ronan Farrow, the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, took a Twitter swipe at his dad on Father's Day. Woody Allen is now married to Ronan Farrow's adoptive sister. Mom Mia couldn't help but weigh in.