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As anyone who's ever had a summer job in an ice cream parlor knows, scooping cold ice cream can be exasperating and, often, physically painful. Luckily, Michael Chou is here to help. 

Chou, a mechanical and aerospace engineer from the University of California San Diego, has designed a brilliant solution to America's age-ice cream problem: How the hell do we get delicious cold ice cream out of that damn carton?

That's where the Midnight Scoop comes in.

"Current ice cream scoops are designed in a way that forces you to use weak wrist joints to scoop ice cream," Chou explained on his Kickstarter page. "When you are scooping ice cream with standard ice cream scoops, you are doing a prying motion. This prying motion puts tremendous amounts of stress on your weak wrist joints. Your brain then tries to save your wrists by not letting you pry very hard--thus making scooping ice cream very difficult."

Yes, it's a minor annoyance. But Chou has solved modern civilization's ice cream problem with the Midnight Scoop, an ice cream scoop designed take the force off your weak wrist muscles and instead use the palm. By pushing through the ice cream rather than dragging or prying, ice cream fanatics will now enjoy a significantly easier — and better-shaped — scoop. 

"This allows you to keep your wrists straight and protected while you use large muscles like your arms and chest — which are significantly stronger than your wrist," Chou wrote. "This — to me — is how to scoop ice cream properly.

Chou's already raised almost $68,000 on Kickstarter to develop and ship the Midnight Scoop. It's not a $50,000 potato salad, but this is actually far more useful.

Scoop on, Chou. Scoop on. 

h/t Daily Dot