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The good people over at Snapchat are feeling quite savage after Frank Ocean appeared to miss yet another projected album release date. The photo-sharing app debuted two new filters late Thursday night for most users. One offered the words "Dear Frank Ocean..." in a text editor frame, modeled after his iconic open letter, and another depicted a patiently-waiting skeleton with the caption "Waiting for Frank Ocean's new music like..."

Late Thursday into early Friday, fans of the R&B artist were searching for signs of a new album, following a rumor published by the New York Times. When fans found the filters instead of the album — one that still hasn't dropped — users became even more outraged

To add insult to injury, the Snapchat filters didn't appear to show up for many users, and they came up with their own memes to share their frustration on Twitter:

Meanwhile, Ocean has yet to release any sort of update on what the hell he's building in the Apple Music livestream that opened on his Boys Don't Cry site Monday (fans have offered plenty of theories). He also hasn't set a hard date or time when his long-awaited third album will finally drop. 

Until the music is here, snap your pain, Ocean fans, snap your pain. 

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