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"Thou shalt hold no meal higher than breakfast," chef John Currence of Mississippi's Big Bad Breakfast commands in his new cookbook Big Bad Breakfast: The Most Important Book of the Day

Those who rush out the door most mornings with a granola bar or are just simply unsatisfied with just one breakfast a day understand the importance of breakfast for dinner. Both sweet and savory dishes double as morning meals and day-end feasts, because as all breakfast lovers know, you can never have too much breakfast. 

These cheap and brilliant recipes are a great way to double your breakfast intake, even after the sun sets. Just keep in mind another one of Currence's breakfast commandments: Thou shalt slather with butter. YES. 


ShakshoukaSource: Love and Olive Oil
Shakshouka  Love and Olive Oil

This spicy, savory Middle Eastern breakfast dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce easily translates from breakfast to dinner with the addition of some crusty bread, couscous or over whatever grain you choose. Get the recipe here.

Sweet potato and mozzarella egg skillet

Sweet potato and mozzarella egg skilletSource: Averie Cooks
Sweet potato and mozzarella egg skillet  Averie Cooks

Made with three cheap grocery store ingredients, this skillet is quick and easy to make for a cheesy dinner dish. Get the recipe here.

Savory salami, cheese and herb waffles

Savory salami wafflesSource: Brown Eyed Baker
Savory salami waffles  Brown Eyed Baker

Make like Leslie Knope and treat yourself to waffles for dinner. This savory recipe uses cured meat, herbs and cheese in the cornmeal batter so you're basically getting all your food groups in a single waffle. Throw some leafy salad on the side. Or not. Get the recipe here.

Bacon mushroom spinach frittata 

Bacon, mushroom, spinach frittata Source: Damn Delicious
Bacon, mushroom, spinach frittata  Damn Delicious

Made of veggies and just enough bacon to feel like breakfast, this egg-based dish has enough protein to qualify as dinner. And you'll probably even have leftovers for breakfast! Get the recipe here.

Ricotta chocolate-chip banana and chia pancakes

Ricotta chocolate chip banana and chia pancakesSource: Half Baked Harvest
Ricotta chocolate chip banana and chia pancakes  Half Baked Harvest

If you're feeling pancakes for dinner, at least go for this variety with cheese and added chia seeds, for health, of course. Get the recipe here.


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Baked eggs in stuffed peppers

Baked eggs in stuffed peppersSource: Foodie Crush
Baked eggs in stuffed peppers  Foodie Crush

The perfect mash-up of a traditional dinner dish enhanced by eggs, make this your go-to breakfast for dinner solution. Get the recipe here.

Za'atar and labneh breakfast panzanella

Breakfast panzanella Source: My Name is Yeh
Breakfast panzanella  My Name is Yeh

This breakfast salad not-so-secretly becomes a dinner salad when you prepare this recipe for one for your evening meal. Savory Middle Eastern flavors amp up the egg in this quick dinner you can throw together on a busy night. Get the recipe here.

Savory bread pudding with ham, cheese and caramelized onions 

Savory bread puddingSource: Buns In My Oven
Savory bread pudding  Buns In My Oven

Think hearty dinner sandwich, deconstructed and breakfast-ified in this baked dish, easily reheatable for any meal of the day. Get the recipe here.

Chai spiced black rice pudding

Chai spiced black rice puddingSource: A Beautiful Mess
Chai spiced black rice pudding  A Beautiful Mess

If you were going to have rice for dinner, why not go the pudding route? Add some extra nuts to this dessert-like creation for added protein. Get the recipe here.

Bacon and egg breakfast ramen

Bacon and egg breakfast ramenSource: i am a food blog
Bacon and egg breakfast ramen  i am a food blog

Skip Kylie Jenner's ramen recipe and go for this brunched-up noodle dish. Get the recipe here.

Zucchini summer skillet with poached eggs

Zucchini summer skillet with poached eggSource: How Sweet Eats
Zucchini summer skillet with poached egg  How Sweet Eats

This vegetable-based breakfast is probably healthier than many of your other dinners — but it has just enough bacon to make it feel indulgent. Topped with an egg and served with brown butter toast, this morning-inspired meal is a great wrap to a long day. Get the recipe here.

Savory oatmeal with garlicky kale

Savory oatmeal with garlicky kaleSource: Naturally Ella
Savory oatmeal with garlicky kale  Naturally Ella

This oatmeal-salad hybrid is a super cozy solution to breakfast for dinner. Plus, it has an egg on top! Get the recipe here.

Tater tot breakfast pizza

Tater tot breakfast pizzaSource: The Gunny Sack
Tater tot breakfast pizza  The Gunny Sack

Foods you eat for dinner: Pizza, tater tots. This breakfast pizza is obviously a great dinner option! Get the recipe here.