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Another awesome week at PolicyMic. Check out the top Culture stories, reviews, and interviews of the week. 

Top Feature Stories in Culture:

Comic Books Are Way More Than Stories About Batman and Superman (Stephanie Hill) – "The thing about comic books is that they are a medium not a genre. Comics, or graphic novels, can be about anything. They are nothing more or less than a marriage of words and pictures in the service of storytelling. While they may be best known as the home of Superman, Batman, and The Avengers comics have housed hard-boiled crime stories, beautiful and thoughtful fiction (firmly grounded worlds where people do not fly), terrifying alternative histories, and deeply moving memoirs."

Whom is Just the Fancy Who: Notes on the English Language from Someone Who Practically Speaks It (James Ramsay) – "Since when did “no problem” become a reasonable substitute for “you’re welcome”? How could someone so eloquent as our president begin an argument with “So”? He’s not concluding a thought. And how, pray tell, have our lexicographers seen it fit to include “sexting” and “mankini” in the OED?"

The History of Pole Dancing: It's a Sport, Not a Striptease (Elizabeth Lyden) – "It is about time that pole fitness is recognized for the sport that it is. In fact, it may be stated that the tremendous effort that one must put towards the challenging activity may make it more strenuous of a workout than most other sports."

Reviews of the Week:

40 Artists Under 40: Indie Craft Culture Redefined for the 21st Century (Elizabeth Monahan)

"Knitting is for Pu*****"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has a Hot Date With Death in "Looper" (Daniel Tanure) – "The dialogue is spot-on and the camera work is … Uhm .. Dead-on. Rian Johnson, unlike more MTV-inspired directors of our time, is not a guy afraid to let the shots linger on their subjects. There’s a touch of Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men in that some of the action bits play more like you’re a witness at the scene rather than a spectator in the movie theater."

"Vegas" Review: Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis Disappoint Big Time (Thomas Barnes) – "Vegas is a simplistic and unthrilling mixture of several popular and well-established TV genres. It is primetime’s favorite hour-long criminal investigation with some voyeur gangsterism, and cowboys. It mixes those genres quite awkwardly and offers nothing to any of them. It was very bland, very mediocre. Every aspect of it has been done better by another already well-established TV show."

Books (Preview)
"The Casual Vacancy": 5 Reasons Why J.K. Rowling is Freaking Brave (Rebecca Hanover) – "Let’s face it — Rowling could have lived happily ever on a cloud of Butterbeer, but instead, she chose to put herself out there again, would-be critics be damned. Seems like something Dumbledore would have done."

Interview of the Week:

Romney and Obama Condoms: Either Way the Nation is Screwed (Elena Sheppard) – "The Obama condom "Won't Break as Easily as His Promises" and the Romney condom is "Great for Any Position." (Tongue in cheek to the max.)"

People Around the Web are Talking About:

The Governator's New Book: On Monday, Arnold Schwarzenegger's autobiography Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story will be released. Originally planned to detail his rise to the top of three career field (politics, body building and Hollywood) the book is getting the most attention for it's details about Schwarzenegger's affair. Schwarzenegger gave an interview the book on 60 Minutes on Sept. 30, one day prior to the book's release. 

Ai Wei Wei in America: Rebel Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei has a show opening in D.C. on Oct. 4. He is not premitted to leave China and will not attend the opening but his show, "Ai Weiwei: According to What?" will debut at the Hirshorn on Saturday. The Chinese government has yet to release the artist's passport. 

New York Film Festival: The 50th anniversary of the prestigious festival is underway. Running until October 14, the debut of the Ang Lee film Life of Pi (based off the novel) made a huge splash and has generated endless early Oscar buzz. 

Stephen Colbert's New Book: Just in time for presidential debate week, Stephen Colbert is releasing his third book: America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't. Colbert wrote his own review for America Again here