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9 easy last-minute Halloween makeup ideas
Shutterstock / Marcel Jancovic

Halloween is almost upon us, and if you're one of those lazy millennials who hasn't figured out your costume yet, you don't have much time left. 

Don't worry though, because a little costume makeup can give you a Halloween look that seems way more elaborate than it is. Here are nine Halloween makeup tutorials that will take your Halloween game to the next level — with minimal supplies required.

1. Spooky skeleton 

Source: Savannah Rose/YouTube

This skeletal look may take some time, but it's a Halloween classic and will look awesome in the dark.

2. Cat (with whiskers!)

Source: sccastaneda /YouTube

You can't go wrong with a cat costume! Up your game and do a whole-face look instead of just drawing on some whiskers with your eyeliner pencil.

3. Snapchat puppy filters IRL

Source: Eyedolize Makeup/YouTube

This tutorial shows you how to do a few different versions of Snapchat's puppy filters as IRL looks.

4. Scary haunted doll

Source: Madeyewlook Twice/YouTube

Haunted dolls are truly terrifying and not that hard to pull off! The stitches really pull it together — get it?

5. That emoji girl who has her hand up

Source: Peach Phillips/YouTube

Who doesn't love this helpful emoji lady who may or may not be presenting her new haircut? Now you can be her in all her dead-eyed, smiling glory.

6. Last-minute zombie

Source: Lucerne Shum/YouTube

Zombies are a Halloween staple — and, with the newest season of The Walking Dead back on TV, they're as fresh as ever. Complete this look by moaning "braiiiins."

7. Vampire

Source: Slashed Beauty/YouTube

Vampires are another classic Halloween costume — and, as a bonus, this tutorial only uses products that you can buy at your local drugstore.

8. Creepy scarecrow

Source: dope2111/YouTube

What combines the pumpkin spice feelings of autumn and the spooky-scariness of Halloween better than dressing as a creepy scarecrow? Nothing does.

9. Lion. Rawr.

Source: Jasmine Brown /YouTube

Were you a cat last year? Maybe it's time to upgrade and go as a lion this year. This tutorial lays out how to get the look of a lion (or lioness). You'll be the pride of your Halloween party, if you catch our drift.