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We all love a coffee lover. Gifting is easy: Some caffeine-free (okay, and caffeinated) goodies to celebrate their obsession will absolutely delight them. 

Assuming the coffee lover is already set in their coffee-making ways, forgo the fancy French press and go for these coffee accessories and premium coffee beans that will make every post-gifting sip of coffee so much better. 

JOCO coffee cup, $26.95

JOCO 16oz glassSource: JOCO Cups
JOCO 16oz glass  JOCO Cups

Dishwasher and microwave safe, this reusable glass coffee carrier is useful for both hot and cold coffee beverages and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

"An Olsen Twin Hiding Behind Her Arm" coffee mug, $12

"An Olsen Twin Hiding Behind Her Arm" coffee mugSource: thnk 1994
"An Olsen Twin Hiding Behind Her Arm" coffee mug  thnk 1994

This is the type of emotion-driven modern art every morning needs. 

EiR coffee lip balm, $15

Coffee lip balmSource: EiR NYC
Coffee lip balm  EiR NYC

For when the last sip of coffee is gone, let the taste of linger on the coffee lover's lips with every application of this lip balm infused with coffee oil. 

Starbucks Gingerbread Café, $18.99

Starbucks gingerbread cafeSource: Starbucks
Starbucks gingerbread cafe  Starbucks

For the coffee lover who spends more time in their local Starbucks than their own kitchen, gift this cookie recreation of the cult coffeeshop. They'll probably already knows which holiday latte pairs well with gingerbread kit assembly.

Merlot infused coffee, $19.95

Merlot infused coffeeSource: Uncommon Goods
Merlot infused coffee  Uncommon Goods

For the coffee lover who's also a wine enthusiast, these specialty beans are an obvious stocking stuffer.

Birch Coffee signature series, $50

Geisha coffeeSource: Birch Coffee
Geisha coffee  Birch Coffee

This premium bean hand-sourced from Costa Rica is packaged in six individual 2oz packs to keep the flavors as fresh as possible.

Blue Bottle Coffee subscription, price varies

Blue Bottle subscription Source: Blue Bottle Coffee
Blue Bottle subscription  Blue Bottle Coffee

Stock your coffee lover's coffee collection with this seasonally rotating selection of Blue Bottle coffees delivered every other week.

YETI rambler and Chameleon Cold Brew gift set, $79.90

YETI RamblerSource: Chameleon Cold Brew
YETI Rambler  Chameleon Cold Brew

The cold brew enthusiast will drink icy coffee any time of year, so give them a vessel that will keep it cold! This special gift set includes a YETI cup and a 12-pack of Chameleon cold brew.

Brass petite scoop, $20

Brass petite scoopSource: Sir Madam
Brass petite scoop  Sir Madam

Scooping into that bag of coffee beans every morning just got so much more elegant with this made-in-India brass spoon.

LUSH Cup O' Coffee mask, $10.95

Cup O' CoffeeSource: LUSH USA
Cup O' Coffee  LUSH USA

Those who love coffee so much they literally want to rub it all over their bodies will love this face and body mask which uses fresh ground coffee for exfoliation and infuses the mask with a fantastic coffee scent. 

Dave's Coffee Syrup sampler pack, $19.95

Coffee syrupsSource: Dave's Coffee
Coffee syrups  Dave's Coffee

This versatile condiment can be added to everything from cold brew coffee to kebabs, and will easily become a coffee lover's new favorite sauce for every occasions. 

Porcelain coffee filter stand, $25 

Porcelain coffee filter standSource: food52
Porcelain coffee filter stand  food52

There's no reason for coffee filters to not be part of a coffee lover's kitchen decor. This porcelain stand presents coffee filters beautifully while keeping them organized.

Customized coffee spoon, $7.50

Customized spoonSource: Etsy
Customized spoon  Etsy

Share a special message with your coffee lover every morning when they stir in milk and sugar with a personalized coffee spoon. 

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