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Tomi Lahren, host of Tomi on Glenn Beck's conservative news site the Blaze, has developed a reputation of opposing pretty much anything liberals hold dear. She's made it her life's work to sound off on public figures like actor/activist Jesse Williams and Meryl Streep, as well as entire communities, including gays and Muslims — even pretty much all non-conservative women. 

The dizzying mental gymnastics she demonstrated in labeling Colin Kaepernick's protest of systemic oppression as un-American went viral and was later eviscerated during an awkward interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. 

But rather than conducting a one-on-one interview with the "white power Barbie" to dissect her conservative opinions, one liberal snowflake is fighting back against Lahren's rhetoric in the best way possible. Internet, meet homepageSource: Mic/Sam Hopkins homepage  Mic/Sam Hopkins

The site, created by Sam Hopkins, a 23-year-old software engineer, lists links to donate to Planned Parenthood, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Environmental Defense Fund. All set to a tiled backdrop of Lahren's 2014 tweet "Anyone else need a drink? #Vday," which Lahren attempted to defend after it was dug up among other tweets showing Lahren's not-too-distant partying and Nixon-sympathizing past.

Hopkins unveiled the site in a Facebook post, saying, "To my knowledge, [Lahren] does not have her own website, but I think we can all agree a woman of her stature and mind deserves an equally impressive website."

Hopkins told the Huffington Post that he'd been searching for "political-themed domain names to buy and stumbled across" He originally hoped to land, but said that domain was taken. So he shelled out $18 and settled for, a move for which we are all grateful.

Despite the fact that she's reportedly pro-choice and supports gay marriage, Lahren's long list of conservative ideologies — she's pro-guns and anti-Muslim, is anti-protester, dismisses climate change as just "weather" and equates Black Lives Matter with the KKK — makes Hopkins' website a satirical goldmine. Since its launch, there has been a wave of social media posts sharing the link, with some sarcastically applauding Lahren by sharing and donating through it.