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On Thursday, Republicans in the House of Representatives successfully passed the American Health Care Act, which would strip the Affordable Care Act of many of its provisions, including its mandate that health insurance companies insure people with pre-existing conditions. It may lead to 24 million people losing their health insurance. 

And Twitter is not happy. 

After the bill passed the House, people used the hashtag #IAmAPreExistingCondition to share their stories about living with something that may now lead to an eventual lack of coverage. 

Given how serious the reality is for so many Americans, it's good to know that Congress takes their decision seriously and isn't, say, toasting the passing of the AHCA with a beer.

Correction: May 5, 2017
A previous version of this story and headline misstated the status of the American Health Care Act and the Affordable Care Act. The American Health Care Act has only been passed in the House of Representatives, so the Affordable Care Act has not been repealed.