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A new version of Overwatch, 2.15, just hit PS4 and Xbox One. Don’t get your hopes up, though: Doomfist is still stuck on the public test realm for the foreseeable future. He likely won’t go live for another couple of weeks.

Instead, this patch simply fixes a few pesky bugs, most of which have already been snuffed out on the PC version. The full patch notes are embedded below.

Overwatch update 2.15 patch notes

Bug Fixes


• Fixed a bug that caused some players to lose audio during the match

• Fixed a bug causing the vacuum-of-space sound effects from the Horizon Lunar Colony menu screen to persist even after selecting a new menu area


• Fixed a bug that prevented Pharah’s “I am the rocket queen” voice line from playing correctly

• Fixed a bug that allowed Orisa’s ultimate to charge while her Supercharger was deployed

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