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On Wednesday, Time magazine announced "The Protester" as the Person of the Year of 2011. The importance of protests this year cannot be denied. 

But what may perhaps be surprising to some is the lack of important female leaders in Time’s runners-up category. Those chosen by Time as runners-up include Paul Ryan, Ai Weiwei, Admiral William McRaven, and Kate Middleton.  

Among the top spots, Kate Middleton is the only woman and her importance this year had to do with her marriage, not her actions. This seems to be an oversight (or a slight?) to powerful female leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Do you think Time should have considered more women for the top Person of the Year slot? What female figures do you think should have been picked or should be considered for next year?

Photo Credit: World Economic Forum