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Highlights This Week:

It's getting hot, hot, hot. 

As temperatures around the nation heat up, PolicyMic will host a special week-long discussion on climate change between 7/21 - 7/27. You can learn more about what we’re looking for here. Tweet our call for submissions, share it, email it, shout it from the rooftops, include more Captain Planet GIFs — whatever you feel is best. Do you have ideas for topic areas we should cover, or people we should invite to the discussion? Let me know on Twitter: @sameier12

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Updates From Our Pundits:

The Atlantic Wire explains why the New York Public Library is being sued, and cites Jewelyn Cosgrove's PolicyMic article which “stressed the importance of "preserv[ing] the very nature of public use libraries." Congrats, Jewelyn!

Rachel Grate thinks Cosmo is becoming a more feminist magazine. Cosmo editor Joanna Coles agrees.

Salon picked up Brittany Oliver's piece, “6 Most Influential Women Writers You’ve Never Heard Of.” (And Random House Tweeted it!) May their work be more widely read now.

Miss Representation shared Saudi Garcia’s celebration of the 41st anniversary of Title IX on Twitter.

Happy to see that an old piece of mine criticizing the Daily Mail for its repugnant coverage of street harassment may no longer be necessary

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Must Reads From Last Week:

Just Wait For the Conservative Reaction to Same-Sex Divorce (Steven Romeo,@romancingromeo) — Many effects of the DOMA ruling, like what will become of divorced same-sex couples, remain unclear.
[2 Mics, 0 Comments, 0 Shares]
The Unethical Thing the Justice Department Did to Its Youngest Lawyers (Sarah Mahmood,@sarahmahmood01) —The DoJ hires unpaid attorneys to make up for a budget gap, but this is not an ethical solution.
[4 Mics, 5 Comments, 2 Shares]
Read Target’s Totally Not-Racist Employee Guide Explaining How Not All Mexicans Like Tacos (David Tigabu, @TigaBeast42) — Target's attempt to explain to managers at once of its branches how to deal with Hispanics was sad in more ways than one — like saying Mexicans have a "lower education level" than Cubans.
[12 Mics, 40 Comments, 59 Shares]
A Simple Intervention From the U.S. Secretary Of Education Could Help Millions Of Survivors Of Sexual Violence (Jayson Flores, @JaysonFlores92) — Ending the epidemic of sexual assault on campus may all boil down to better enforcing Title IX.
[4 Mics, 2 Comments, 70 Shares]
This Organization Could Help End Sexual Violence Against Black Women (Angel Evans) — In the Black Women Truth and Reconciliation Commission, black women who have experienced sexual violence are encouraged to speak out and actively use their voice as a measure of truth.
[6 Mics, 2 Comments, 228 Shares]
8 Shocking Facts About Sterilization in U.S. History (Saudi Garcia, @Saudisauds) — The recent discovery of decades of female sterilization in California prisons unearths the troubling history of the practice in the United States.
[6 Mics, 1 Comments, 44 Shares]
Oregon Colleges Are About to Do the Unthinkable – Charge Nothing (Gina Sipley, @GSipley) — With states like WA, VT, NY, PA, and WN considering the adoption of their own Pay It Forward model, the students of Oregon are uniquely poised to transform the future of American public colleges.
[7 Mics, 8 Comments, 110 Shares]
You Won’t Believe How These Men Are Ending Gun Violence in Their Deadly Hometown (Jared Milrad, @JaredMilrad) — Featured in a forthcoming documentary, "A Confused War," a few dedicated community leaders in Richmond, Calif., are working tirelessly to change their city's deadly reputation.
[13 Mics, 11 Comments, 346 Shares]
Chicago Activists Throw Block Party Against Austerity (Kera Mogue, @kmogz9) — Protesters march to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house to speak out against budget cuts that detract from public services like education and health care.
[4 Mics, 13 Comments, 116 Shares]
Feminist Summer Camp? Yes, Please! (Daniela Ramirez, @DanRam910) — Feeling a little isolated in your activism? Want to learn more about feminism in practice and meet more awesome fellow feminists? Sign up for Soapbox's Feminist Camp!
[6 Mics, 28 Comments, 44 Shares]

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