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Bill Murray is many things: a brilliant comedian, a legendary actor and an American hero. He's also the best party crasher on the face of the planet. 

Murray's been known to pop up everywhere from ice cream parties to engagement photos, so it's not totally surprising that Murray showed up at a birthday party in rural Jedburg, S.C.  The Post and Courier reports that Marvin Larry Reynolds, who was celebrating his birthday Saturday night, and his wife Julie "invited Murray to attend the party and celebrate his own birthday." Murray turns 64 Sunday.

Image Credit: Brett McKee/Facebook

Charleston chef Brett McKee, a friend of Murray's who catered the event, captured some hilarious videos of Murray dancing with partygoers, including "Turn Down For What:"

And "867-5309/Jenny:"

"He doesn't care," McKee told the Post and Courier of Murray. "To him, he's just a regular dude." 

H/t Gawker