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Are you still disappointed that you can't play Pokémon Go because you don't live in a major metropolitan area and don't have a bunch of PokéStops near you and therefore no Pokémon spawn in your area? A new Pokémon Go update just might be the answer to your problems.

Update: Niantic has confirmed the update on Twitter.

Reports are coming in of Pokémon showing up in rural and suburban areas that had previously felt more like Pokémon wastelands. The reports are being published by trainers at The Silph Road, which has proven to be a reliable source of Pokémon Go info in the past.

Pokémon Go update rumors: A stealthy fix or just game bugs?

The first report came in via redditor Anubis37, a Pokémon Go player from Eastern Europe. His report is accompanied by supporting images posted to Imgur. He wrote he made his discovery while paying a visit to his parents:

Whenever I visit them I take our doggo for a long walk to the forest that's about 0.5 km away. This area have always been empty in terms of Pokémon, PokéStops and all that. So I was just hatching eggs or puting on inceses to get random spawns. And it was always like this including yesterday.

Today however, when I was walking the dog I noticed that Pokémon started to appear on the nearby. I was confused, but kept on walking. Around 15 litte guys in total appeared in a 500-meter radious in the middle of the woods. All of them spawned right on the slim road surrounded by green areas of trees. I know Pokémon were moved closer to PokéStops, and the spawna were updated to match the mobile traffic, but none of these were possible here.

'Pokémon Go' update rumor: Rural players are seeing more Pokémon.Source:  Anubis37/The Silph Road
'Pokémon Go' update rumor: Rural players are seeing more Pokémon.   Anubis37/The Silph Road

Redditor Larry_Jay has filed a similar report:

Another rural here. I have 2 PokéStops within 10 kms of my house and they are both in my home town that is about 6 kms from my house. I live on a road that since launch has had 2 Pokémon spawners.

This afternoon I opened my app to catch the 1 Pokémon and found 5 around my house and a full list nearby! I now have a Pokémon spawning every 100 m down my road!

A third report from redditor iAmSoFlatt meshes with the previous two:

It happened to me too, in a similar scenario. I live in a village where I usually walk my dogs through some fields which never spawn anything to hatch some eggs which I get from the city, and this trail doesn't even show up as a path on the map, it's just grassland.

Yesterday was normal, but today there were spawns all the way down this lane I take which is around 1.5k long, and I caught about 25 to 30 today along this route when I'd usually catch about 3 or 4 at the only PokéStop in my village, which used to be the only reliable spawnpoint untill today.

Caught some half-decent stuff too, such as a Starmie, Tentacruel, Pidgeot and Dratini, and hatched my first Gen 2; an Igglybuff, and a Charmander.
Whatever Niantic have done, I'm glad they've done it.

These do not sound like isolated incidents. It sounds like either something is going very wrong with the algorithm that determines when and where Pokémon appear in Pokémon Go, or Niantic has made an update it hasn't told anyone about yet.

Mic has requested comment from Niantic and did not hear back in time before publishing. We will update this post if we learn anything else.

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Dec. 16, 2016, 5:28 p.m.: This story has been updated.