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The Roadhog nerf and "hook 2.0" is almost here, but let's take a look back at the broken Overwatch weapon before it's updated.

If you've played Overwatch for a reasonable amount of time, you've almost certainly experienced the utter bullshit that is Roadhog's hook. It has a nasty habit of going around corners, over the payload and through wormholes in space and time, yanking players into the path of his scrap gun from other dimensions.

This GIF alone is probably enough to make your heart thud a little faster.  Overwatch/YouTube/GIPHY

Well, following the news Blizzard is putting this infamous ability — at least, in its current form — out to pasture, consider this an "in memoriam" post for Roadhog's ill-fated hook. For the maximum effect, play the following video in the background to honor our brethren who have fallen prey to this physics-defying horror.

Source: CelineDionVevo/YouTube

Roadhog Nerf Hook 2.0: Here are eight terrible Roadhog hooks from Overwatch

"I can't wait for hook 2.0 because he didn't see me but killed me ..." posted by imironicallyracist

Source: imironicallyracist/Reddit/GIPHY

"Hook is fine," posted by crazy_cali

Source: crazy_cali/Reddit/GIPHY

"Want proof Roadhog's hook is broken?" posted by GG_SharK

Source: GG_SharK/Reddit/GIPHY

"The worst hook I've witnessed," posted by mbj16

Source: mbj16/Reddit/GIPHY

"Those 'questionable' Roadhog hooks don't usually trigger me, but this one ..." posted by TheOneWhoKnocks16

Source: TheOneWhoKnocks16/Reddit/GIPHY

"I officially hold the record for worst Roadhog hook on Reddit," posted by RRT444

Source: RRT444/Reddit/GIPHY

"I knew Roadhog's hook was ridiculous, but this?!" posted by NT_Chris

Source: NT_Chris/Reddit/GIPHY

"Hook to end all hooks," posted by UltraPowered

Source: UltraPowered/Reddit/GIPHY


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