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Overwatch players who downloaded the big, recent update on consoles — the one that introduced the game's newest hero, Orisa — soon found a bunch of bugs, including a widespread one that made all music completely, eerily silent. Luckily, patch 2.08 is now available for both Xbox One and PS4. It addresses most of the biggest offenders, along with a very minor balance tweak for Orisa. 

Read on for the full 2.08 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One.

Overwatch 2.08 Patch notes: Here's everything included in Overwatch update

Custom Games and Game Browser
• PS4: Capture the Flag maps and mode have been reactivated

• PS4 and XB1: Fixed a bug that prevented background music from playing
• PS4 and XB1: Fixed a bug that prevented the Damage Amplified value from being displayed correctly
• PS4 and XB1: Orisa's movement now slows slightly while firing in midair

Developer Comments: Much like D.Va's Fusion Cannons, Orisa's Fusion Driver is intended to slow her movement while she is firing. However, unlike D.Va, there was an issue that prevented this slow from working while firing from the air.

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