'Overwatch' "Uprising" Comic: New Omnic crisis comic shows up early on Madefire


Update: The full "Uprising" comic is now live on both Madefire and Blizzard's site for free. The original story follows.

It just wouldn't be an Overwatch event without some details leaking out a bit ahead of schedule. This time around, it looks like a preview of the new comic, called "Uprising," has shown up on the Madefire comics app before Blizzard officially unveiled it. It's marked for a release date of April 5, so it's likely the full comic will be available soon.

This "Uprising" comic appears to be tied in with the upcoming Omnic crisis-themed event that will be revealed on April 11, according to the tease on Blizzard's Twitter account.

The description of the comic from the Madefire app and a few images are embedded below.

Overwatch "Uprising" comic shows up on Madefire

It seems the "Uprising" comic will take place in the past and will center primarily around Soldier: 76. Here's the plot description on Madefire:

"I fought to survive, and I'm willing to fight for the world, too."

Seven years into 'Overwatch's past — on the eve of a historic peace accord — King's Row is seized by an extremist faction of robots known as Null Sector. The British government forbids Overwatch from interceding, which means strike commander Jack Morrison must decide whether to disobey orders or stand by while thousands of lives are in peril.

It's likely that this "Null Sector" will play some part in the upcoming event, but it's not clear exactly how just yet.

Here are some images from the comic:

'Overwatch' "Uprising" comic  Madefire
'Overwatch' "Uprising" comic  Madefire
'Overwatch' "Uprising" comic  Madefire
'Overwatch' "Uprising" comic  Madefire
'Overwatch' "Uprising" comic  Madefire

April 5, 2017, 4:34 p.m.: This story has been updated.

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