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On Wednesday night, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton discussed issues ranging from national security, veterans and her never-ending email scandal during NBC's "Commander In Chief Forum." Discussing such topics and essentially auditioning for the role of leader for the world's most powerful country is a pretty serious thing. 

But according to Republican National Committee chairperson Reince Priebus, Clinton, should, you know, smile more. 

Now, this sexist and tired criticism of Clinton is not new: She has been accused of looking angry and of yelling. Her Republican challenger Donald Trump said she had a "very average scream."

Well, Clinton had a very simple response to Priebus' criticism of her demeanor:

Even when interviewing for the highest position in the world, Clinton faces the everyday sexism many women experience in the workplace. 

Take note, Priebus: A smile is not on the list of requirements to become commander in chief. 

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy