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The end of season 4 for Overwatch competitive is just around the corner. In the off season, you can reflect on your great victories, your worst losses and your plan for next season.

While you're collecting the new skins for the Anniversary event, you can also reflect on the rewards you got for participating in the competitive season. If you're unsure about what you should be getting, here's what to expect.

Overwatch end of season 4 rewards

There are a couple things you get from participating in competitive. You will get competitive points, which are saved to purchase golden weapons, that correspond to whichever rank you made it to:

Bronze — 100
Silver — 200
Gold — 400
Platinum — 800
Diamond — 1,200
Master — 2,000
Grandmaster — 3,000

The season 4 spray is in HanamuraSource: Blizzard Entertainment
The season 4 spray is in Hanamura  Blizzard Entertainment

In addition, you'll receive a spray and player icon that are specific to season 4 participants. This season, the spray and icon include a beautiful illustration of a cherry blossom tree in Hanamura. 

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