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'Overwatch' Anniversary: Watch the voice cast attempt their character's dance emotes
Lucie Pohl performing her character Mercy's dance emote in 'Overwatch' sweeetanj/YouTube

If you're not already aware of how painfully cute the Overwatch voice cast is, you are sorely missing out, my friend. In the past, Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra) and Carolina Ravassa (Sombra) have vlogged their friendly hangouts, but most of the voice cast had yet to make an appearance on either of their channels — until now.

Overwatch Anniversary: Voice cast films themselves adorably attempting their dance emotes

In a new video uploaded to Bhimani's YouTube channel, she assembled footage of just about every single Overwatch voice actor performing the dance emotes their characters can unlock as a part of the ongoing Overwatch Anniversary event.

For example, here's Cara Theobold (Tracer) doing her Charleston emote:

Cara Theobold (Tracer) bustin' a move.
Cara Theobold (Tracer) bustin' a move. sweeetanj/YouTube
Tracer's Charleston emote
Tracer's Charleston emote Blizzard Entertainment

Here's Ravassa absolutely nailing Sombra's dance emote:

Carolina Ravassa (Sombra) dancing in the streets of New York.
Carolina Ravassa (Sombra) dancing in the streets of New York. sweeetanj/YouTube
Sombra's dance emote
Sombra's dance emote Blizzard Entertainment

And here's Feodor Chin (Zenyatta), uh, creatively interpreting his character's dance:

Feodor Chin (Zenyatta) getting some help from his cast members.
Feodor Chin (Zenyatta) getting some help from his cast members. sweeetanj/YouTube
Zenyatta's dance emote
Zenyatta's dance emote Blizzard Entertainment

Tragically, a few, like Christopher L. Parson (Junkrat), Darin De Paul (Reinhardt) and Dolya Gavanski (Zarya) don't make an appearance, but the goofy, game-for-anything enthusiasm of everyone else more than makes up for their absence.

The full video is embedded below.

Source: sweeetanj/YouTube

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