All 'Overwatch' Christmas skins and other unlockable items in the Winter Wonderland update

Blizzard Entertainment

Every seasonal Overwatch event ushers in a load of limited-time unlockable goodies — like skins, highlight intros and emotes — and the new Winter Wonderland event is no exception. As usual, these items have a chance of appearing in every loot box you earn while the event is running, but you can also purchase them individually with coins — for three times the price of a normal item. For example, a normal skin might cost 1,000 coins, but a Winter Wonderland skin of the same rarity costs 3,000 coins. 

Here's every skin, highlight intro, victory pose, spray and emote you can earn during the Winter Wonderland event, which runs from Dec. 13 through Jan. 2.

All Overwatch Christmas skins in Winter Wonderland

We've embedded a video showing every single unlockable item at the end of this post, but here are screenshots of all the new Winter Wonderland skins in case you want to take a closer look.


Lucio's "Andes" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


McCree's "Scrooge" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


Mei's "Mei-rry" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


Pharah's "Frostbite" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


Reaper's "Shiver" skin  Blizzard Entertainment/Reddit


Roadhog's "Rudolph" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


Sombra's "Peppermint" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


Torbjörn's "Santaclad" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


Tracer's "Jingle" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


Winston's "Yeti" skin  Blizzard Entertainment


Zarya's "Frosted" skin  Blizzard Entertainment/YouTube


Zenyatta's "Nutcracker" skin  Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins, emotes, highlight intros and more

Here's a video that goes over all the other unlockable goodies:

Source: Hazelnuttygames/YouTube

Overwatch patch update 2.01: Everything you need to know

The newest Overwatch patch didn't just add the Winter Wonderland event. Symmetra's new reworked ability set and a bunch of other bug fixes were also included. Check out the full patch notes here.

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